3-lamp 3-phase models reduce the number of heaters required and can be mounted at greater heights.

SolarbeamTM Universal Quartz Lamp Infrared Heaters.
Save up to 20% on electric heating bills compared to forced air or convection systems!

Aitken's all weather quartz lamp heaters save up to 20% on electric heating bills compared to forced air or convection systems! Aitken quartz lamp infrared heaters are available in universal "all-weather" models for indoor or outdoor installations. Two types of lamps are also available (push/pull spring-loaded silver tipped contact for easy snap-in connection) or "pigtail" for more positive connections (lamps cannot fall out).
Minimum mounting height - 10 feet.  Where ceilings are under 10 feet... or other reasons seem to dictate less than 10-foot mounting height, consult a qualified infrared authority for advice. Do not install closer than 24 inches to vertical surface. Can be stem mounted to any supporting surface. For supply connections, use wire suitable for at least 75C (167F).
Quartz Lamps
Model Watts Volts Amps
Butt Socket  QH / SQH
P70010 500 120 4.17
P70013 1600 208 7.69
P70014 1600 240 6.67
P70015 1600 277 5.78
P70016 2500 480 5.21
Pig Tail  QHL / SQHL
P80005 500 120 4.17
P80208 1600 208 7.69
P80240 1600 240 6.67
P80277 1600 277 5.78
P80480 2500 480 5.21
Quartz Heater Accessories
Recessing Frames
* PA 9700 For 3200 watt units
* PA 9700-1 For 5000 watt units

Wire Guards
P54580-2 Fits 1000 watt double lamp unit
P54580 Fits 3200 watt double lamp unit
P54580-1 Fits 5000 watt double lamp unit
P54581 Fits 1600 watt single lamp unit
P54581-1 Fits 2500 watt single lamp unit
54583-1 Fits 4800 watt
54583 Fits 7500 watt


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