Aitken Rail Car Thawing Components

This extremely rugged weatherproof thawer has a low initial cost, low maintenance cost and low operating costs.

This equipment will fit the needs of both small and large plants. It is adaptable to most plant situations and thawing time requirements. Each installation is designed to meet the needs of the individual plants.

Why is infrared electric the best way to thaw a car?

The old approach to car thawing was open flame right on the car's skin. This wasn't just inefficient, it was downright dangerous. Other companies have used convected air heated by gas or oil, but found that the efficiency of these methods was only a fraction of that of a well-designed electric infrared system.

Electric units can be installed directly under the cars, since dirt, dust and coal will not foul the operation of the elements. When the cars can be heated underneath as well as on the sides, thawing is much faster. The thawing shed can be about 25% of the length required for a gas installation.

The ultimate goal of any car thawing system is the "lowest cost per ton thawed." Aitken electric radiant thawing components are designed to achieve this.

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