Solarod Overhead Heaters

Designed specifically for areas requiring a low watt density pattern

Aitken Solarod Infrared Electric Heaters are rugged metal sheath single-ended elements with outputs of 500 to 2,500 watts.

Where a Low Mounting Height is Required
Solarod heaters are specifically designed to give a "low watt density pattern".
Rugged Metal Sheath Elements
take shock and abuse. Moisture-proof units can be hosed off to clean when not energized.
Aitken Solarod Heaters Available
in 120V, 240V, 480V can be controlled with a variety of controllers and thermostats. Aitken strongly suggests the use of protective screens when mounted at heights of 11' or less. Minimum mounting height is 9'.

Minimum clearance of 3" from top of unit to ceiling and 12" from sides or end of unit to vertical wall. Spacing from adjacent heaters is 36" minimum.


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