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Aitken unit heaters offer flexible heat for supplemental or primary heating of warehouses, factories or public buildings, stores, stockrooms, or exposed areas or additions.

Prolonged Element Life
Aitken electric unit heaters are easy to install and service. All our units feature prolonged element life. Efficient design of plate fin elements allow uniform discharge of all heated air, resulting in lower internal temperatures and prolonged element life.

Quiet Operation
The motor unit-bearing design includes high starting and running torques. Large dynamically balanced fan blades provide maximum air flow with minimum turbulence and noise.

Fan Motor
The fan motor is totally enclosed and impedance protected, unit bearing design with highest rating and running torques. On 277,480 and 550 volt heaters, a transformer is built into the unit to provide proper fan motor and control operation.

Heating Element
Heating element warranted for five years. Non-glowing design consisting of a special resistance wire enclosed in a steel sheath to which steel plate fins are brazed. The heating element covers the entire air discharge area for uniform heating.

Thermal Cutout
Thermal cutout is built into the system to automatically shut off the heater in the event of overheating due to any cause.

AUH 524-T Electric Universal Heater

  • Eight Wattages, two voltages
  • To 5,000 Watts
  • Horizontal and downflow in one unit
  • Built-in thermostat
  • Complete with mounting bracket

Connect to 208 or 240 VAC Field Adjust to 4 different wattages for each voltage

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